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Something brighter has arrived: more light for your money

SolarAid is excited to announce the launch of the next generation SM100 solar light by our partner, the Namene Solar Light Company.

The original, award winning, SM100 was developed following a SolarAid brief to create the world’s most affordable solar light. We wanted to be able to not only offer people a clean, safe and renewable alternative to expensive and dangerous kerosene lamps and paraffin candles, used by millions of people across rural Africa. We wanted it to be affordable.

This new, improved, solar light has been designed to be brighter, more durable, longer-lasting and more sustainable, while retaining the versatile and compact features of the original.

SolarAid’s CEO, John Keane, says:

“We’re excited by the new SM100, which is set to light up homes across rural Africa, extending the days of people living across the continent, making homes safer, cleaner and brighter places to be. Not only is it brighter than the original, it is also easier to repair, will last longer and will be just as affordable.

We believe that the age of dangerous, dirty, CO2 emitting, kerosene lights and paraffin candles, should be consigned to history.  This new light will help us achieve just that. No one should be left in the dark.”

This new SM100 is an important tool which we will use as we continue our work to fight poverty and climate change and increase access to clean, safe and renewable lighting across sub-saharan Africa.

Here are some of the SM100’s new features:

  • Brighter lights. The luminous flux has increased from 18 lumens to 30 lumens with a solar run time of more than four hours.
  • Light for longer. A dimmer light option with a luminous flux of 10 has a solar run time of more than 10 hours.
  • Greater distance. The light’s collimation (device that narrows a beam) has been improved to create more of a beam effect, so the SM100 can be used for lighting paths and roads ahead.
  • Improved warranty. The warranty has been increased to 2 years.
  • Easier to repair. The architecture of the light is now ‘Plug & Play’, making it easier to repair and simpler to recycle.
  • No more plastic. The plastic bag has been replaced by cardboard packaging.
  • Still just as affordable.