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SolarAid partner with IndyCar racer



We’d like to extend a huge warm sunny welcome to IndyCar driver and solar champion Stefan Wilson. Stefan is a thrill-seeker with a conscience. He made his IndyCar debut in 2013 off the back of a successful European karting and Junior Open-Wheel career, but it is his efforts off the track that have earned him the adoration of many green energy advocates.

Stefan is a huge solar enthusiast and a believer in a bottom-up community approach to action. He knows, as a role model to many, he can lead by example and show his supporters there is a path to a cleaner healthier planet.

Stefan started his #ThinkSolar campaign and came across our work in his search for a philanthropic solar partner. His plan is to offset the carbon emissions of his IndyCar team – and eventually the whole race – by replacing kerosene lamps with clean solar lights in Africa.

“There are many ways to offset your carbon footprint, but SolarAid’s method is so unique. It’s incredibly rewarding to know you’re not only offsetting your carbon footprint, but also lighting up the night for families in Africa. will be a place where IndyCar fans can learn more about solar energy, our partners, donate to SolarAid and track our progress.” said Stefan.

Stefan is using our very own community network site – the Speed of Light – as a way of getting his supporters to join his team. He has set up his own #ThinkSolar community and is asking his followers to join up and show their support. For each £3/$5 donation we will be able to get a light to a rural African family, averting around 1 tonne of CO2 in kerosene fumes over the three-year lifetime of the light.

We have been bowled over by Stefan’s passion for solar and his understanding of the importance of sustainability and community action.

It’s great to have you on board Stefan and the whole #ThinkSolar team – let’s help build a brighter, cleaner future for IndyCar racing and for thousands of African people at the same time.

You can join the #ThinkSolar Speed of Light community here.