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SolarAid help define sector-wide metrics


resizedimage140143-Impact-metricsOver the last few years our impact research has been the driving force behind all our work. Thanks to your help & support we were able to build an award winning team that became the leading voice within the off-grid lighting world.

We were able to speak to our customers and listen to their needs, ensuring we could give them the best service possible and not make the same mistake many aid agencies do – by giving their beneficiaries what they think they need rather than what they actually need.

Well, it’s no surprise that the impact data we accumulated over the last few years has heavily influenced the new standardised metrics for the whole sector. With the help of the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association (GOGLA) and other key players we have collaboratively agreed the new metrics which are now more robust and offer a better insight into the true impact of off-grid lighting.

With the emergence of campaigning organisations like Power For All and global associations like GOGLA it was no longer imperative that SolarAid were the driving force behind sector research, as such our team has moved on to promote off-grid energy access with other actors in the sector.

You may notice a few small changes in our impact data as we align ourselves with the agreed standardised model. You can find out more about these changes and what they mean here. 

Why not have a play with our impact calculator to see what’s changed, you’ll notice that a donation to SolarAid is still one of the best value donations on the planet.