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Ruth Zunje – ‘Malawi is moving forward!’


Ruth Zunje lives in the village of Chamama in Kasungu district. She is a new SunnyMoney pay-as-you-go (PAYG) customer, which enables her to pay for her solar product in instalments.

PAYG helps those who could otherwise not afford solar products to overcome the finance barrier and SunnyMoney were one of the first companies to introduce PAYG in entry level lighting in Malawi, starting in 2014.

Ruth is delighted with her new solar light and phone charger, which is extending her day and enabling her to do needlework during the evenings, to generate income, and power her phone, which has a built-in radio.

With solar, she can now listen to the radio whenever she wants for as long as she wants. Before, she had to pay 100 Kwacha every time she wanted to recharge her phone, which meant she had to use it sparingly and limit the time she listened to the radio.

As we left Ruth she shouted out with a smile ‘Malawi is moving forward!’