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Offset Solar’s commitment to SolarAid’s purpose

Offset Solar is an American solar company with a purpose. They were founded with a very similar belief to SolarAid: that everyone should have access to safe, clean, renewable power.

Founded in 2017, Offset is now a key partner of SolarAid and supports our work by making a contribution to our fundraising for each solar system they install. With each installation they carry out, they enable us to distribute 50 solar lights to families living without electricity in rural Africa. In 2017, their donations enabled us to distribute over 2,500 solar lights!

This amazing support has helped create a huge impact in Africa. 2,500 solar lights will provide additional lighting for over 10,000 people, helping families save over £400,000 by avoiding spending money on expensive and dangerous kerosene. The lights will provide over 2.5 million extra hours of light, which often translates directly into additional study time for children after the sun has gone down. To top it all, the lights will avoid over 2,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere. Check out our impact calculator to see what your support can do.

Offset Solar has an excellent purpose: to make the world a better place and to create a lasting positive impact, for our children and our children’s children.

Konrad Billetz, Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Offset Solar explains why they chose SolarAid as a charitable partner:

“We wanted to create an organization with a social mission at our core, to add purpose to what we were doing. Once we learned about SolarAid and their mission, it was something that we really believed in — the opportunity to improve the well being of people who are less fortunate. It became important for us to partner with them. Renewables are great because you’re already helping the world, so to then tie into a social cause is something we’re really proud of. That’s our mission, our higher purpose.”

If you’d like to learn more about Offset Solar, check them out at

The entire team at SolarAid and Sunnymoney would like to send a BIG “Thank you” to Offset Solar – you really are helping to make the world a better place.