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Earth Hour 2018

What are you doing this Saturday 24 March from 8.30 until 9.30pm?  Whatever it is, make sure you put down your fork, hairbrush or remote control and switch your lights off for Earth Hour.

Every year millions of people, businesses and landmarks set aside an hour to host events, switch off their lights and make noise for the Earth Hour movement. This year, we want to celebrate the diversity of life on Earth, and we want to invite your friends and family to celebrate with us!

So we’re asking you to switch off your lights too. Of course if you have a solar light, like the ones we sell in rural Africa and on our eco-gift shop, then you can actually switch them ON for Earth Hour.

You could even experiment with drawing with light, like we did at our 10th Anniversary party. If you do, or take any other photos please share them on twitter and include @SolarAid in your message.

But of course Earth Hour isn’t just about taking action for 60 minutes, it’s about galvanising people into taking action all year round and creating a cleaner future for the planet. Which is why we’re asking you to make a small £4 per month donation to SolarAid.

Join the solar revolution in Africa with small gift of just £4 per month and by next Earth Hour you will:

  • Ensure 52 people can now access safe clean solar lights
  • Help families in Africa save over £1900*
  • Enable over 12,000 hours of study time*
  • Avert over 12 tonnes of CO2*

*Over the lifetime of the lights

We all have a part to play in a cleaner future. Please add your support.