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13 years old, Vayun, builds a solar powered energy system


Hi, I am Vayun. I am 13 years old, and I live in Singapore.

Recently I got interested in renewable energy, and did many experiments to generate electricity. Solar was the cheapest and most reliable source I found. With just S$75, I built a solar powered energy system that can light up a small home and charge multiple phones – for years, for free.

I was amazed how cost of solar power has reduced dramatically – from nearly US$80 per watt about 40 years ago to less than US$0.4 per watt today.

As I researched, I realized that many people across the world still don’t have access to any form of electricity. A simple solar powered device has the potential to change their lives.

I wish I could build solar systems for all such people. But then I found Solar-Aid – a charity that is on a mission to combat poverty by providing solar lights to the most remote regions of Africa.

I am supporting Solar-Aid, and I encourage you to join me. My goal is to raise S$ 630 (EUR 400), which will provide Solar Lights to 100 families in Africa.

If you can help please visit my JustGiving page.