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1 million solar lights shining in Africa

It’s official! That’s right everyone, we’ve sold our millionth solar light in rural Africa. This is a great opportunity for us all to take stock, and reflect on some fantastic achievements over the last 12 months.

Because this isn’t about us, it’s about you. It’s about all  the wonderful people who’ve helped us get here. Everyone who’s shared our message, followed our work or got behind our cause.

It’s thanks to you that we’ve had the support and inspiration to reach this awesome milestone. It’s thanks to you that we’re confident our business based approach is completely the right way to scale access to safe clean solar lights.

Our records show that the millionth light was sold on Tuesday 25th March 2014, before even our most optimistic estimates. Here is a look at our fabulous, hard working, SunnyMoney teams on the day the millionth light was sold.

Could this have been the millionth light? This is Ivy from SunnyMoney Malawi selling a solar light to a very grateful customer on the day the millionth light was sold. 

Could one of these be the millionth light? George of SunnyMoney Kenya and the solar delivery man grapple with a shed load of Sun King Pros on the day the millionth light was sold. 

Dominic and Musonda look like they are in serious need of a bath after tackling some tricky conditions in Zambia to help sell the millionth light. 

Our Solar Agent scheme is really taking off in Tanzania and Ano is one of our star performers. Could he have sold our millionth light? 


Read our million lights press release here