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Zambia’s new library is not for books

Ms. Mutinta Michelo teaches 120 students, ages 4-18, at Nyakantaingi Primary School in Rufunsa. She does this all by herself – dividing her time between classes while prefects support her. Every day SolarAid sees the impact of bringing light to communities living without access to electricity. Through school campaigns, teachers see the benefits of owning […]

Something brighter has arrived: more light for your money

SolarAid is excited to announce the launch of the next generation SM100 solar light by our partner, the Namene Solar Light Company. The original, award winning, SM100 was developed following a SolarAid brief to create the world’s most affordable solar light. We wanted to be able to not only offer people a clean, safe and renewable […]

Powering jobs for women in Senegal

Over 100 years ago, women’s suffrage pushed for women’s right to vote. Today, through #PoweringJobs campaign we are now pushing for more local and gender inclusive energy workforces to bring energy access to villages. This is especially important in West Africa, where 100 million women and girls live in energy poverty. As the backbone of […]

Will you join the SolarAid Stars to help spread the light?

Two months ago, we asked SolarAid’s regular supporters why they donate to us. Every reason was different, but powerful. You may have seen some of their quotes on our social media this month. Thanks to regular donations from supporters, also known as SolarAid Stars, we have been able to continue our work in providing access to […]

SunnyMoney brings back confidence in solar products

Sam Ngoma explains the benefits of solar lamps and how to use them   Many people in Malawi were losing confidence in solar technology. Unscrupulous traders took advantage of consistent power outages in Malawi and sold poor quality solar products that easily broke and came with no warranty. There was so much proliferation of counterfeit […]

Zero Footprints competition winners

Zero Footprints is delighted to announce the winners of its 2018 competition which drew some amazingly strong entries depicting a wide variety of themes around the subject of Climate Change. Images have the power to engage an audience in a way words cannot and in doing so begin a conversation and educate on a range […]

Lighting up lives in Uganda

It’s amazing how news about the benefits of solar lights spreads, and inspires people to help those in need. The following story comes from Diane Simms, of All Saints and St.Mary’s Church Fishponds in Bristol, who helped distribute SolarAid’s SM100 solar lights on a recent trip to Africa: Mr and Mrs Simms with year 7 […]

SolarAid – A ‘duodecuple’ WIN for the SDGs

  You know how some things are described as a “triple win”? It’s a phrase that’s often used when something provides social, economic and environmental benefits – win win win – a triple win. Great. But not as great as SolarAid. Our activities at SolarAid, distributing solar lights and renewable energy to last mile communities […]

Feeling the heat – the impacts of Climate change

While the UK was basking in ‘glorious sunshine’ during July and early August, the other side of the World was not having such a good time. We have now entered the era in which the impacts of climate change are being felt, with disastrous consequences – and the situation will continue to increase in intensity […]