Brighter Futures Appeal

Kesilina stands with her family outside her home.

As the sun sets, millions of families are without electricity, forced to burn dirty kerosene lamps or straw to light their home.

However, solar lights provide safe, clean, energy – it brings communities together and creates a brighter future, in an instant. Farmers can sort their crops, children can study, patients can be treated in the hospital and women can give birth safely after dark. This is why we’ve launched our Brighter Futures appeal this winter.Brighter Futures Appeal

Last year, our Light a Village programme brought solar light to 500 homes in the rural village of Ntchisi, Malawi. It’s been a huge success for people like Kesilina Chiwoza, whose story we shared with you last year. One year on and her family have experienced the benefits of solar power. They feel safe after dark, and she’s able to make money from people coming to charge their mobile phones from her solar supply. But you don’t need to just rely on us telling you – you can hear from Kesilina herself.



This year, with your support, we’re looking at bringing solar light to a further 2000 homes – to help people like Yohane.

Yohane, Thandiwe and their daughters cook with the light from an open straw fire.

Yohane, Thandiwe and their daughters cook with the light from an open straw fire.

Right now they barely get by, using only a small torch or straw fire for light. Yohane is worried his children will fall behind at school and fail the exams they need to do well in life. He hopes to have solar lighting soon to give his family a real chance to not only survive but thrive.

Our Brighter Futures appeal means that a year from now, even more families like Yohane’s will have solar power. Installing a solar lighting system in Yohane’s home as part of a ‘Light A Village’ initiative costs about £100. So, this winter, will you help create brighter futures for people like Yohane & his family?

And, to make this giving season even brighter, The EQ Foundation has offered to match one-off donations up to a total of £20,000, so your gift will go even further than before.

Give the gift of light today


Yohane and his family, smile at the camer outside their home.
Yohane holds his son in his arms.
"If we may have light in the house, for me and my wife things can be very well "
Yohane Makhuwalo