Where we work

We reach the most remote and disadvantaged communities in sub-Saharan Africa to create sustainable markets for renewable energy so no one is left in the dark. Collaboration and cooperation through SunnyMoney and partnerships is fundamental to our approach.

Where we work

SunnyMoney Malawi

SunnyMoney has been operating in rural Malawi since 2006. Over 1.8 million people in Malawi have been reached by clean, renewable light.

SunnyMoney Zambia

SunnyMoney has been operating in rural Zambia since 2008. Over 2.2 million people in Zambia have been reached by clean, renewable light.

Our partners

Xpreme Solar Solutions Uganda

SolarAid opened its office in Uganda in 2014 with the objective of helping to build a sustainable solar market and bring solar lights to where they are needed the most. The team has distributed over 80,000 solar lights and helped support solar entrepreneurs across the country. Today, the team is run as an independent, Ugandan run, entity. We support it as it continues to bring solar lights and solutions to rural populations.

ElleSolaire Senegal

In Senegal we have teamed up with ElleSolaire in order to support female entrepreneurs to build last mile energy businesses and bring solar light and power to rural off grid communities. This partnership recognises the power of female entrepreneurship in providing energy access in rural communities, and it aims to support ElleSolaire's work to train and strengthen capacities of rural women in solar entrepreneurship and recruitment of rural Women's Savings Groups (VSLGs), as well as to electrify health and maternity clinics.