The people left behind

The poorest people on the planet are the ones suffering from a lack of electricity access the most. 

When we started in 2006, there was next to no solar energy in Africa. With the falling costs of products and pioneers, like SolarAid, markets for solar lights have grown.  

Growth has been incredible and there are now emerging markets in many African countries with hundreds of businesses working towards a better future. Importantly, the attitude of many African Governments has been shifting towards a more renewable outlook. 

This is not enough. Markets do not reach everyone. If someone cannot afford the most affordable product available to them, even if they are offered to pay in instalments, then they are stuck with what they have. 

In most cases, solar products are not even available in the most rural parts of Africa. 

Private companies will not reach these communities, because of the lack of profitable opportunity there. We are focussing our attention on reaching those the market leaves behind. We are currently testing innovations to reach the poorest, most rural communities that no one else will reach.

We cannot do it alone. For universal energy access to be a reality by 2030, this will take an effort from Governments, companies, funders and people like you. 

Together, we can ensure that by 2030, no one is left in the dark.

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