Light a Village

The problem

Only 4% of the rural population in Malawi is connected to electricity.

When the sun sets, the majority of the population is living in total darkness.

Without electricity, families are forced to turn to dangerous alternatives such as burning grass candles and kerosene lamps. These options are expensive, damage health, limit education, and emit high amounts of carbon into the atmosphere. Worst of all, open flames often lead to tragic accidents.

Kesilina is a 47 year-old woman from Chanje Village in Malawi, the location of our first Light Up A Village project. She used to have to rely on grass-fire for light at night, which led to a terrible accident. Today, Kesilina’s home is powered by solar.

Our programme, Light a Village, is working to change this, by providing each household with solar power, homes will have light, children will be able to study more, household health and wellbeing will improve, families will save money, and CO2 emissions will be averted from the atmosphere.


Alpha FMC can light up a whole village in Malawi.

Your support will light up a village of 500 homes, so that 2,250 people will have safer, healthier lives.

In 2021 our team carried out solar installations on the first village, in Ntchisi, Malawi.


The Solution

How your support will Light A Village 

The SolarAid team install a small solar panel and battery on each home to provide electricity powered by solar energy across an entire village.

The community agrees the fee each household pays to rent solar powered products, including lighting, at a price they can afford at less than the cost of buying candles, kerosene or disposable batteries for torches. SolarAid can monitor and service the provision of solar energy supported by local entrepreneurs we train in the community. 

It’s a sustainable model. With your help we can show the world it works so this smart solution can be scaled up across all of Malawi and used elsewhere.

"When coming home, we will know that tonight, we will just switch on the light. There won’t be any more problems. We could prevent problems, like bug bites. If a snake is coming, we will be able to see it. If a person opens the door, we can see him."
Kesilina Chiwoza