Alpha FMC Lights up a Village

Why should you vote for SolarAid to be Alpha’s charity of the year?

Together we will light up 500 homes and 2,250 lives.

This is the perfect moment for Alpha to partner with SolarAid because we are at a pivotal moment in scaling up our work to deliver on our mission.

Your support will help us bring 578 million people in sub-saharan Africa out of the darkness.

3 reasons to vote for SolarAid


We have a choice of game-changing pro-bono opportunities.

We are a small but mighty charity and we will benefit significantly from management consultancy from Alpha employees.

Pro-bono projects include:
• Advise SolarAid on how best to invest our limited reserves to support growth.

• Support SolarAid to seize fundraising opportunities in countries across the world.

• Turbo-charge how we use Salesforce to give us better insights into fundraising performance.


You will help people like Stella.

Stella Manuel, aged 20, has never lived in a house with electricity. She lives in Kasakula, Malawi with her husband and daughter.

For light she uses grass, burning her hands every single day. Stella does not wish her daughter to grow up this way.

Together we will light up a village and change 2,250 lives like Stella’s.

Donations and fundraising from Alpha FMC staff will go to this project and the first £20,000 raised will be matched by The Turner Kirk Trust.


Wherever you are based in the world, you and your colleagues will have fun taking part in our inspirational fundraising activity.

Inspiring fundraising ideas:
Taste the darkness: Wine tastes so much better when you can’t see it! Hold a blindfolded wine tasting event.

Alpha Night Without Light: From Singapore to the USA, take on the challenge to spend a night without electricity.

Share the Light: Buy someone you care for a virtual solar light at Thanksgiving or Christmas to light up a home in Malawi.

"I want my daughter to be able to study at night and do well at school and get us out of this poverty in future. "
Stella Manuel, Malawi

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At the end of the year we will have changed 2,250 lives, you will have had lots of fun and your advice will have transformed SolarAid so we can deliver our mission to End the Darkness.

Your vote could mean

  • 1

    village in Malawi no longer without electricity

  • 500

    homes with solar power

  • 2,250

    lives changed for good

"Alpha’s support and advice will enable SolarAid to accelerate our growth, so we can bring 578 million people out of the darkness by 2030."
John Keane, CEO, SolarAid