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It is only with donations from caring people like our supporters that life for education hungry children can be transformed.

Donate today and bring solar light to help children study in remote parts of the world where life as we know it stops after sunset.

578 million people are having their days cut short living without electricity in sub-Saharan Africa.

A small invention like a solar light can change that.

It’s a small invention with a big impact – bringing safe, clean, solar power!

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0000 solar lights, help SolarAid reach 0000 people, save families 0000, give children 0000 hours of extra study time, decrease CO2 emissions by 0000 and allow 0000 people to live healthier lives.

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  • 42,507

    lights have been distributed to families

  • 42.75m

    extra study hours created for children

  • 111.3k

    people experience better health this year