By helping people work after the sun has set, solar lights increase productive hours. This encourages enterprise by extending the working day. With more available income, many families have reported a better quality of life thanks to solar lighting. Kerosene light is not very bright and makes even the simplest activities challenging so solar lights make work tasks a lot easier and safer too.

The solar light has improved my quality of life. I am able to work at night. This will have an impact on the school because I am able to prepare work, which I was not able to do previously.
Mr Mundia, Headteacher, Zambia

Athmani from Mafia Island, Tanzania earns his living as a fisherman. When the sun sets, Athmani would make his way back home. However, he couldn’t afford to do much during his free time because of insufficient light. If he wanted to read a newspaper, he had to use a torch and the batteries would cost him a thousand shillings every month. With a solar light, Athmani can fish for several hours after the sun sets, allowing him to be more productive and increase his income.

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