By avoiding indoor air pollution caused by kerosene lanterns, a solar light reduces coughing, flu-like symptoms, eye irritation and respiratory illness. The harms from kerosene lamps kills over four million people each year. UNICEF’s recent predictions for 2030 show that indoor air pollution will cause more premature deaths than HIV and malaria combined.

SolarAid’s work in Africa has helped 2.2 million people, who switched to solar, experience improvements in their health.

Nowadays we don’t have allergies, coughing has reduced and we no longer have eye infections so my kids can study well.
Jospeh Tuei, Kenya

Bob Kokonya from Bungoma North District, Kenya used kerosene lamps to light up his house in the past.
“The smoke from the tin lamps, I used to inhale a lot of that stuff and also my little daughter and family”, Bob says. “There were four children who lost their lives as a result”, he recounts. “A child got a hold of this lamp and when it fell, it exploded. [Now] around 40 people in my community own solar lights alongside me,” Bob says with a smile on his face. “We are no longer in danger of losing our lives.”

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