By getting people on the first rung of the energy ladder, solar lights introduce families to solar technology and educate communities about solar energy, which builds low-carbon development pathways. A small hand held solar light provides the opportunity to make valuable savings, study longer and develop enterprise.

Eventually, families are able to climb the energy ladder and invest in bigger and better products, such as lights with phone charging capacity and solar home systems. Our research in Zambia shows that over 60% of small solar light users said they wanted to buy a solar product with more capacity, and 90% felt more able to do so.

I am more able to afford a higher capacity product since buying my SunnyMoney solar light. I spend nothing on lighting nowadays so I have been able to save money.
Emeldah Akabondo, Zambia

Pastor Samuel Gitau from Kipkaren, Kenya explains his preference for a solar lamp, “It is good because you can economise on the money you would have used in kerosene. [With the extra income], I will start a small business and invest in farming.”

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