Share the sunshine

Could you let the sun shine for 10 families by giving a gift of £40 today?


Hi from the UK, where summer has finally arrived, bringing the welcome warmth of sunshine on our skin, long days spent with family and friends, and more smiles and laughter as our collective moods are lifted.

So much of our lives revolve around the sun. Never is this more apparent than when we meet families living in rural areas of Africa close to the equator.

Many there will go their entire lives without access to electricity. So when the sun sets every single day at 6pm, their world is plunged into total darkness — a pitch black that we can’t even imagine.

So when a mother like Stela sets fire to straw in her home, she knows the risk, but what choice does she have?

“My hands get burnt every single day; I have burnt a few other things while using it, including a beautiful new skirt which I had kept for a special occasion. It is dangerous, and it is something no one should ever get used to.”

Thanks to you, more people do have a choice. 

Since last summer, our solar lights have reached over 200,000 people throughout Malawi and Zambia thanks to supporters like you.

Now you can see how many lives have been lit up, we wanted to ask if you’d like to share the sunshine with 10 more families this summer? A donation of £40 is all it takes, and you could make a massive difference to people like Stela.


Stela just wants to be able to feel safe after dark. Your gift today could help her do that.

We feel very lucky to have you on our team. Thanks again for all that you do.

Here’s how you’ve helped to share the sunshine since last summer

  • 111.3k

    people experience better health this year

  • 42,507

    lights have been distributed to families

  • 42.75m

    extra study hours created for children