Schools Campaigns

Gracious is headteacher of Kaundu Primary school in Zambia and told the community about the chance to buy solar lights.

Schools campaigns are the first step we take into a new region as part of our wider objectives to catalyze and create momentum within solar markets, by increasing demand for solar products and raising the profile and trust in the SunnyMoney brand.

By selling lights to a high percentage of teachers and students and offering a friendly, high quality service, we are able to provide solar lights to a large number of households in a concentrated area and expose families to the power and benefits of solar energy.

How it works:

The Schools Campaigns work by piggybacking on the education networks to offer entry level study lights for sale to students for a limited time period, usually 3 – 4 weeks. With the support of the education authority, we invite Head teachers in a set district or region to centralized Head teachers meetings where our SunnyMoney teams explain the promotion. Head teachers then have the responsibility to communicate the promotion to their students, student’s parents and the wider community. Head teachers collect money and orders for lights and travel to an agreed, centralized location to purchase lights from our teams on sales days.  Our call center communicates with all parties throughout, facilitating the process.

Mr Mundia is the headteacher of Shishamba Primary school in Zambia.

The main objectives of the campaign are to:

  • Sell select solar lights from the approved SunnyMoney range (primarily study lights) to a high proportion of students and teachers
  • Create user demand, raise awareness and trust in SunnyMoney solar products
  • Promote and raise the profile of the SunnyMoney brand as a name people can trust to deliver quality service and access to the best solar products
  • Obtain the contact details of all headteachers and customers so that we can engage with them in the future, offering customer service and marketing
  • Establish strong links with the local education authorities, schools, headmasters and communities

The campaign for solar light was a very good campaign. A lot of children have benefited from solar lights. Even I have benefited because now I save money by using the light. The lights are very good and we are hoping you can bring them again to our community. This is when people are seeing the benefits of the lights – now people know that they are durable and of good quality, and we can save money because we don't spend on batteries or paraffin or candles. The lights have been very helpful.

Gracious – headteacher of Kaundu Primary school in Zambia

Selling the solar lights has affected my reputation because people are happy with what I am bringing to them, they are always saying things about me… the parents are happy with everything, they are happy with the quality of the lights.  The solar light has improved my quality of life. I am able to work at night; before I was not able to as I was struggling with candles. I also use the light to charge my phone. This will have an impact on the school because I am able to prepare work which I was not able to previously.

Mr Mundia – headteacher of Shishamba Primary school in Zambia


The Solar Schools Campaign zip (6.7MB) contains the following files and folder:

A. The Solar Schools Guide – read this first
B. An Example SunnyMoney Campaign Process Manual
Files containing working documents and example files covering:
– School Campaign Letters
– Field reporting
– Call Center
– School Campaign Marketing Collaterals
– School Campaign Planning tools

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