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Kesilina stands with her family outside of her home.

You can create a brighter future for people and the planet

We know that light brings communities together.

That’s why we’ve joined The Big Give 2022 – to make sure your impact goes even further than before, with every £1 doubled! But hurry, we only have until 6th December to unlock the matched funds, so don’t delay.

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Benedicto stands with his son under their solar light.

Benedicto teaches his son, Aubrey, using a makeshift chalkboard and a solar light.

Transform a life at the flick of a switch

With a solar lighting system in his home, Benedicto no longer has to spend his hard-earned money on disposable torch batteries and paraffin candles. Instead, he is able to buy quality meat and vegetable for his family’s meals. After dinner, his son is free to play safely outside and they can read together using a makeshift chalkboard on the wall. With Benedicto’s teaching, his son is learning quickly and he hopes he will have a big headstart in school.

For Benedicto and his family, everything changed when he switched on his solar light. Will you create a brighter future for another family just like his? All you have to do is…


Just add light!

Sylvia enjoys her solar light in her home.
John smiles at the camera while pointing at his solar light

John’s life changed forever when he got solar light.

Communities thrive when you just add light

We’re aiming to light up 2,000 more homes, transforming the lives of even more families – but we can’t do this without your help. We know that times are tough, but even a small donation goes a long way. And you’ll have double the impact if you give today!

Your donation will help people like John. When the sun set he used to worry about his children’s safety because he could not see dangerous creatures on the ground. “Nowadays if we see things like rats, snakes and lizards. […] However, when there was darkness, aaah! How can you sleep on the ground?”

Now with a new solar lighting system in his home, John is beaming. “They jumped with joy that light is present here now.” He’s also able to help his neighbours by charging their phones with solar power.

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But hurry, we don’t have long!

The Big Give match fund ends at 12pm on 6th December. If we don’t hit our fundraising target by then, we miss out on the extra money that could double your impact. So please don’t delay, and act now to light up lives this Christmas.

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Chilima Mgwilizano Mayi Walas group celebrate the powe of solar lights.

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