Darkness Is Deadly

A candle is lit in the dark.

Almost 600 million people in sub-Saharan Africa have no access to electricity.

As the sun sets, the desperation for light in the pitch black forces millions of families to burn open flames in their homes, causing countless tragic accidents across the continent. 

The loss of life due to the lack of light is a scandal that is rarely spoken about – together, we can change that.

Meet the families left in the dark

Kesilina Chiwoza

Even though she carries the painful memory of her house burning, there are still days when Kesilina is forced to burn an open flame in her house as a way to escape the darkness after the sun has set .

John January

When the sun sets over Chanje village in Malawi, It becomes pitch black. John January is one of many who has been forced to burn open flames in their own home for a little bit of light.

Goodwell Kangolwa

Goodwell dreams of his children succeeding in school. But without access to light at night, they are forced to burn straw to study. One evening, a study session cost them their home.

"When we use straw fire, we feel very anxious. We still do that, but there are complaints inside our hearts."
Kesilina Chiwoza, Malawi


  • 771M

    people worldwide lack access to electricity

  • 83%

    of the UK population are not aware of the global energy crisis

  • 590M

    people in sub-Saharan Africa have no access to safe light.


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