Donate your birthday!

Are you planning on blowing some candles out on a cake?
Could you pledge your birthday to SolarAid and help change lives?

Some people in Africa rely on candles as their main form of lighting but with your support they could have solar light – if you could replace an African candle, or a kerosene lamp, with a solar lamp for each candle on your cake it would make a HUGE difference…

It’s really easy. Instead of, or even as well as gifts, – if you ask for donations to SolarAid we will use your support to create lasting impact in Africa – and send you a surprise gift!

1. Pledge

Fill in the form below to pledge your support and share your pledge to show the world you’re serious.

2. Set up your campaign

We’ll email you two weeks before your birthday with instructions about how to set up your campaign. You can create a campaign on Facebook (like this one) really easily, or on JustGiving.

3. Light up Africa

We’ll use the funds you raise to replace African candles and kerosene lamps with as many clean, renewable solar lights as possible – and send you a surprise gift 🙂

Pledge your birthday to SolarAid

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