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Lighter Learning

We take light for granted. Yet over 1.5 billion people in the world have no access to electricity. And in sub-Saharan Africa, 91% of the population live off-grid. The only option for many is to burn dangerous, dirty, expensive kerosene lamps. These not only produce poor quality light but pose a frightening health risk too.

The SolarAid solution is simple: harness the extraordinary power of the sun with robust, reliable solar technology so pupils have a chance to study for a better future without putting their lives and health at risk.

We work with schools to help students gain access to clean, safe solar lighting. More study time means more students sitting exams and gaining better results. Plus precious funds previously wasted on kerosene can help pay for better food, books or welfare.

The answer is so simple. But we need help.



Families, schools, companies and churches across the world are supporting children in Africa to access clean, safe light to study by. We believe that donors should know exactly where the funds go, which is why the money raised for Lighter Learning helps students in a specific school to access solar lights. We send information about the school including its name, location and a report on the impact solar is having in that area.


The nuts and bolts

The funds raised pay for our work in remote rural areas. £500 supports a school, its students and community to access hand-held solar lights for their homes. It enables a head teacher to attend a solar training day, receive a free light and get education materials to share with parents and pupils in their community.  It covers the distribution costs of getting lights to remote schools, making the lights affordable for families to purchase. 

Parents and pupils truly value what they buy. It puts power in their hands as customers with rights and warranty, rather than as recipients of aid. It also encourages a market for solar products, bringing much-needed income opportunities to rural areas.

To understand more about why we sell rather than give lights take look at our how page. 


For more information please email learning@solar-aid.org


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