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We are building a solar movement to help alleviate poverty and create a cleaner future for all. Everyone can contribute, simply enter your email address below and join the thousands already playing their part. Don't miss out, join the movement today. 




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5 nights of darkness

Why not try living without lights for 5 nights? Do you think you could manage on just candles and torches alone? Or you just could attempt a simple everyday task in the dark and send us in a picture of the results? Send yours in and we’ll profile the best ones. Use the hashtag #InTheDark and our @SolarAid twitter handle or email grace.power@solar-aid.org if you'd like to try something a little more challenging. 

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Sunny Runners

Are you a keen runner looking for a challenge in 2015?

Follow this link to find an event near you and then send us an email to tell us about your Run for the Sun.

Whether it’s a 10K, your first marathon or the more obscure wine fuelled Marathon du Medoc we always like to hear what you’re up to!

Our Amazing Supporters

From sponsored suppers to sport and stand up - we're calling on all our supporters to get involved and fundraise to light up lives across Africa.